2014 Tree of the Year 30th October 2014

The woodland trust has set up the competition and has a shortlist of ten trees, with the winner going to represent English Trees in the final competition run by the Environmental Partnership Association in April 2015 against other trees throughout the UK and Europe.

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Scientist Have Found Gold in the Leaves of Some Trees in Australia 23st October 2013

The Eucalyptus tree has been found to contain traces of gold in its leaves. This may be a sign that there is gold buried below the tree. Do the Koalas know something that we don`t and they are not willing to telling us.

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Chalara Found In A Derbyshire Woodland 17th December 2013

The Tree disease ash dieback that has been affecting the woodland and forests of the UK, has had a further casualty in a woodland on the Derbyshire border, near Swadlincote. That makes the total number of counties affected by the disease up to 16.

Other counties with recordings of the disease are Cambridgeshire, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Kent, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Northumberland, Somerset, Suffolk, Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex and Yorkshire. The total number of sites with an outbreak of the disease is up to 615.

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